Discover Egypt

The app allows the user to discover Egypt by giving them information about the famous landmarks. if you have never been to Egypt this app makes it easier to see what there is to explore and to find out about the history of the sites. The destinations range from the Pyramids, Luxor Temple, the Sphinx and the Mohammad Ali Mosque the app is very visually appealing for the user to look at and I have created additional icons to make the user want to read the information as it makes it more interesting to read.


Starting to get ideas can be hard so to start of the project I created a mind map on travel. Using this technique helped me develope my ideas on the the page quicker than trying to come up with something.

After creating the mind map my next task was to find alogical connections. Finding Alogical Connections means choosing two random titles from the mind map and linking them together. This helped to develope my ideas further. The first alogical connection I had came up with was Discover and History. This is the connection I then developed further and this is how I came up with "Discover Egypt".


I drew out some paper wireframes to help me when I came to design my app digitaly and so it would make it easier for me when I draw my screens on "Sketch". Doing this helped me layout everything and to see how I was going to design the app so it made the next stage easier for me as I had now a visual of how I wanted the app to look!


These are my final wireframes that i have created on "Sketch". At the start of this task I was a little overwelmed when given this task as during this time my skills on on "Sketch" had got a little rusty, but after completing master aprentice tasks and carrying out research helped me further my skills and made me more confident.


This is the final outcome for the "Discover Egypt" app. I made this prototype on InVision. At the time I was unaware of how to use this software and how to use it, after a while I got a better concept on how to use it. This protype shows you how to use the app and it guides you through it step by step, it allows you to see where each button brings you. Check it out! Click on the image below.