When creating a brand there is a lot of research and analysis I had to carry out, this involved me looking and famous designers to evaluate their brands and visual identities. I then started doing my sketches which I then could developed further on sketch in order to create my flexible brand that represented myself and also the designs I create.


In order to create my own brand I needed to find some inspiration. To begin I created a moodboard with contained high end brands and monograms. I then created a spider diagram with idea to thin off when considering my monograms.


I then went on to draw my own Monograms, i tried to draw out as many as I could, there ended up be 84 different variations that I had came up with. I then condesened it down to my favourite three. I then looked at them on a white and black backgrounds to see which one stood out the most!


After a lot of discussion with peers and my own decision making I finally had decided which monogram was the best representation of me and my own personal brand.


I wanted my visual make to be the best representation of me, so I thought why not illustrate my face. i also give myself the task to add an element fo my monogram to my visual marque. These were my intial drawings of my visual marque. As i said i wanted to add elements from my monogram so I decided to expirement with the lines from my monogram to build the structure of my face. This actually turned out very successful. After i started making different variations of my hair to see which one would look more like me.


After this I thought that my monogram was still missing something so i done some further research and actually found an image in a magazine that had an image with a mans face and then shapes with different colours overlapping his face. After this i started expierementing with different shapes and this lead me to adding in the triangle. I then expiremented with colours to see for me personally for my brand what coulour would look best and this is how i was lead to my final outcome of my visual marque.